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We are redefining architecture through the most advanced sliding doors in Western Australia. Goodman Doors offer a range of stylish low maintenance sliding doors that are quiet to operate. The quality construction of our sliding doors along with the sleek designs ensure that we provide the best sliding doors in Perth Australia. They maintain their structures despite temperature and humidity changes.

Our sliding doors are an excellent solution for zones with narrow hallways or channels, as they will not block the space. We have a vast range of styles, and we also provide custom made sliding doors for those looking for an option with uniqueness and artistry.

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Sliding Door designs

A sliding door is your gateway to comfort, safety, space, and full flexibility. Separate a space for privacy and open it back up whenever you want with a smooth simple glide to optimize your floor plan any time.

You will have to sacrifice nothing, all you need is to contact our Malaga-based office and we will provide our door services to you, including doors design and installation.


All doors in our collection are designed by our creative and dedicated in-house designers, keeping in mind modern housing demands.

You can count on us to give your project a professional touch. We deliver an impeccable quality product at an unmatched price.

Custom Sliding Doors - We Only Deliver What You Expect!

We’re committed to creating perfection. We pay careful attention to the specs given by you and make sure all your requirements are taken care of while designing. You can also contact us for high quality features such as door handles and locks.


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