Barn doors

Barn doors” can refer to two different things:

  1. Barn Doors as Architectural Elements: Barn doors are large, typically wooden doors that are commonly found on barns and other agricultural buildings. They are often characterized by their rustic appearance and are designed to be wide and heavy, making them suitable for allowing large farm equipment and animals to pass through. In recent years, barn doors have also become popular as a design element in homes and businesses, adding a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic.
  2. Barn Doors as a Photography Term: In photography, “barn doors” can refer to a type of light modifier. Barn doors are adjustable flaps or panels that can be attached to a studio light source, such as a strobe or continuous light, to control the direction and shape of the morning. Photographers use barn doors to shape and focus the light onto a specific area or subject, allowing for precise lighting control in their photoshoots.

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