Doors made to measure

Doors made to measure, also known as custom doors or bespoke doors, are doors that are specifically designed and manufactured to fit a particular opening or meet specific requirements. These doors are tailored to the precise dimensions, style, and features desired by the customer. Here are some key points to consider regarding doors made to measure:

  1. Custom Dimensions: The primary advantage of custom doors is that they can be made to fit non-standard or unusual door openings. This is particularly important when dealing with older homes or unique architectural designs where standard-sized doors may not work properly.
  2. Material and Style: Custom doors allow you to choose the material, style, and design that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you want a solid wood door, a glass door, a particular type of finish, or specific hardware, you can customize every aspect of the door’s appearance.
  3. Functionality: You can also customize the functionality of the door. This includes options such as swing direction (inward or outward), the type of hinge, and whether it should be a single or double door.
  4. Security and Insulation: Depending on your requirements, you can choose doors that offer enhanced security features or better insulation properties. For example, you might opt for a solid core door for improved soundproofing or a steel door for enhanced security.
  5. Aesthetics: Custom doors give you the opportunity to match the door’s design to the overall aesthetic of your home or space. This can be particularly important for interior doors that need to complement the decor.
  6. Professional Installation: When getting doors made to measure, it’s crucial to have them professionally installed to ensure they fit perfectly and function correctly. This may require hiring a contractor or carpenter with experience in installing custom doors.
  7. Cost: Custom doors are typically more expensive than standard-sized doors due to the tailored design and manufacturing process. However, they can add significant value and character to your home or project.

To get doors made to measure, you’ll need to work with a reputable manufacturer or supplier who specializes in custom doors. They will often provide design consultations and take precise measurements to ensure the door fits your space perfectly. Be prepared to discuss your preferences, requirements, and budget during the customization process.

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