Front porch decorating ideas for summer and spring

As the days and nights get warmer, neighbors come out of hibernation and enjoy each other and the weather. You can update the curb appeal of your home with spring and summer porch decorations if you have a porch.

There are many decorating ideas to transform your home’s entryway, even if it is just a front porch. Here are seven creative ideas to help you get started.

Start with a thorough cleaning.

It’s time to clean your porch thoroughly after a harsh winter of weather, leaves, and spiderwebs. Pressure wash the floor or siding, or use a hose with a scrub brush. Wash windows, clean window shutters, and dust furniture. Your porch looks better. Let’s now think of some spring and summer decorating ideas for your front porch.

Add a screen to your entryway.

The slap of a screened-in porch door is a sure sign that spring and summer are on their way. Choose an old-fashioned wood door or upgrade to a retractable storm door for energy-efficient performance all year round. This is the best way to allow spring breezes in, keep bugs out, and connect conversations from inside to outside.

It is possible to choose a screen with the same color as your entry door, or you can upgrade both doors to a vibrant color that represents your personality. Your home will also be more energy efficient, and your porch will look better if you replace your entry door.

Add an awning to your porch.

Canvas awnings add a classic touch to your porch and provide extra privacy, shade, and comfort during the summer. Awnings for front porch windows are a traditional way to make a statement. You can also use canvas drapery panels or porch roller shades to create shade or keep rain out. A fixed-frame canvas canopy can add both style and function to a front doorstep without an overhang.

Invite birds to your porch.

Invite some feathered guests to decorate your porch. Birds also enjoy a tranquil patio.

Hang a decorative birdhouse or feeder in a quiet area, away from foot traffic and curious cats. Water features can be created by placing a birdbath, garden fountain, or water feature near your porch.

Double door mat

The spring and summer are the perfect seasons to update your front door mat. Add more interest this year by placing it on top of a larger indoor/outdoor carpet or rug to create a welcoming impression. Your summer porch decor can be boosted with a vintage floorcloth or a tile-style mat.

Install porch ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans can add a relaxing atmosphere to your porch, both by reducing the temperature and by lowering it. The breeze from the fan will also keep flying insects away from you and your guests. You can also use an outdoor oscillating fan if you don’t have the space for overhead fans.

Planters and hanging baskets can be refreshed.

Greenery and flowers are a must for any spring or summer porch renovation. Plan your porch according to how sunlight will hit it. Low light can be ideal for hanging ferns on your patio. They also add privacy and lush foliage with their foliage.

Create dramatic pots by combining the plant heights “thriller,” “filler,” and spiller. Hang a basket with blooming plants you can swap out during the season or add some faux flowers to brighten it up.

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