Ten Stylish Window Treatments and Ideas

Everybody gets bored with their interior design at some point. When you want to renovate or redecorate your home, you do not have to spend hours painting or tearing down walls. Opt for stylish window coverings instead. They are a cost-effective and enjoyable way to give your home a new look.

There are many different types of window treatments and accessories to choose from. We can help if you’re not sure where to begin or are having trouble deciding. Here are ten window treatment ideas that will help you style your Asheville house.

Hang new, stylish window blinds.

Window blinds are often left untouched by homeowners. Basic blinds may block the sun’s light and provide privacy, but they don’t give your living room a sense of style or excitement. Swapping out old blinds with new ones that look good is a simple way to give your windows a facelift.

Faux wood blinds, for example, will give your home a rustic feel while still providing the same level of light control and shading you’ve always enjoyed. You can also look into fabric blinds. Sometimes, they come in complementary colors to your furniture.

Change things up by adding long drapes to your windows.

Blinds aren’t your only option for updating the look of your windows. Drapes are a great alternative to blinds for privacy and shade. They’re elegant and classic and look great in any home. The new drapes will be fun to pull back, especially if they have fancy cords. They also give you privacy when you are away from home or want to watch a movie with your family at home in your home theater.

Thermal curtains can save you money on your energy bills.

Want to save some money while dressing up your windows? The thermal curtain is the best way to achieve both goals.

Thermal hanging curtains prevent extra heat and sunlight from entering your house. They also prevent heat from leaving your home through the windows. Thermal drapes will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You’ll save money on your energy bills in no time since your heater, and AC won’t need to work so hard to keep you comfortable.

Roller shades are a great choice for privacy and convenience.

Roller shades can be used as an alternative to blinds. Roller shades are a great alternative to traditional blinds. They may even be more convenient. Roller shades can be tucked into the uppermost part of a window if there is not much room for drapes or curtains. They are then ready to be rolled out at any time. Roller shades are also easier to operate than heavy, bulky drapes and blinds that require clunky draw rods.

Roman shades will give you an extra stylish edge.

Install Roman shades on the top of your windows to add style and substance. The soft, timeless appearance of these classic window coverings makes them perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. They also allow some natural light to enter the room. When you are done with them, they fold neatly and make it easy to retract. Roman shades are among the best window treatments in bathrooms for these reasons.

Window shutters are a great way to embrace architecture.

Asheville is a city with a rich and colorful heritage in the United States. There are still many old buildings from the colonial era. Why not use old-style shutters if some of these architectural styles inspire your home?

Wood shutters can add a unique and interesting touch to your home’s interior. They also provide extra privacy and security. If you see a storm brewing, shutters can keep your home safe from broken glass.

Frost or stain on your window glass

You can also frost and stain the glass of your windows with inexpensive window treatments rather than having to replace it.

You can, for example, purchase frosted spray paint to create a custom pattern of frosted windows. You can also make faux stained-glass panels using glass paint and lead adhesive strips, both of which can be found at local craft stores.

If you would like to replace your old windows with frosted or other windows that have surface textures like Acrylic Block Windows, then contact a knowledgeable window replacement specialist like Window World Asheville.

Decorate the interior window frame.

Glass surfaces are not the only thing that affects your windows. Their frames and rims also define them. Decorate interior frames with pictures, paint, and other artistic elements to make them appear new. Hanging indoor vines on your windows is a great way to bring nature into the house. This idea works well for kitchen window treatments.

Sills are found on many of your windows. Don’t let all that space go to waste. You can use it to store family photos, knick-knacks, and spices. Indoor plants are also a great way to spice up the interior of your home. This is a great window treatment idea that’s both affordable and creative.

Garden windows can be fitted with shelves.

Do you have one or more garden windows? Since they extend from your house, these windows have expanded sills. You can add a shelf in the middle of a garden window to give it even more space for decoration. You can also purchase brand-new garden windows at a trusted retailer.

Match your wallpaper pattern with your window patterns.

What if you already have patterns on your windows? You might have in your office a beautiful double-hung window that has square panels. You can use wallpaper to match the glass pattern of the window instead of replacing the window. This brings the room together and gives it a feeling of cohesion. It’s the perfect way to cultivate peace and comfort within your sanctuary.

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