Top 6 Interior Design Trends We’re Seeing in 2023

What a great year! After a long hibernation, we’re back with new ideas for updating and refreshing our homes. Colors, textures, comfort, and an appreciation of outdoor beauty will influence interior design trends for 2023. Here are some of the trends we have seen. Check out if any of them speak to you.

Window Treatments — Create them to be Uniquely Yours

This year, you can upgrade your naked windows or those that are only covered with sheers. This year, cornices and valences will be back. Roman shades are also back. In formal spaces like living rooms and bedrooms, scalloped edges, trims, and fringe, as well as rich fabrics, textures, and quality hardware, are all making a return. Imagine them as art pieces that frame the window view. A beautiful window treatment adds warmth and elegance to a room that would otherwise be plain and can make it look more expensive.

Trim and wood accents

The days of the sterile decor with metal and chrome are behind us. Wood’s warmth is timeless. It just says “home” in a very comforting manner. Ikea’s media cabinets combine rustic metal with wood. Wood grain can add authenticity to any piece, whether it’s a prized antique or a sleek modern piece.

Wood details can be found in window trim and moldings, as well as on kitchen countertops. Combining wood grain accents and vinyl windows for easy maintenance is a winning combination.

Kitchen windows go big.

Some serious people are saying that enclosed kitchens will be a trend again. Open-concept kitchens used to be linked to dining and living rooms. Today’s kitchens are more inclined to open to outdoor living areas.

Many large, bold windows and patio doors give even the smallest of kitchens an airy, light feel. Slider window designs are great for transferring dishes from a kitchen to a porch or patio. Casement windows can be opened to let in fresh air or to remove the smell of a charred meal before the smoke detector is triggered.

Painting your ceiling can be an uplifting experience.

The 2023 color trends, as well as the 2023 colors for the year, range from warm earthy tones to sophisticated Via Magenta and even Barbie-esque bubblegum pinks. The place to find color in 2019 is above your head. Why limit yourself to the walls when you can add warmth and charm with ceiling colors? You may be surprised at how dark and bold your choices can be.

Wild for Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back. Some say it’s better than ever with the new trend of peel-and-stick removable paper. Modern wallpaper is temporary, making it easier and more enjoyable to experiment with the latest color schemes. Patterns and colors can make small spaces, such as half bathrooms, accent walls, and bookcases, pop.

Listening rooms – a cozy place to only hear good things

It’s nice, after a few years in a confined space, to have a place where you can listen. Do you have a vinyl collection and a turntable to play it on? All you’ll need for decoration is some comfortable furniture, and a few album covers framed. Dimmable lighting creates a mood. Soundproofing can be done with throw blankets and rugs. If you live in a noisy area, invest in impact windows. They not only protect you from storms but also noise pollution.

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