What are the advantages of energy-efficient doors for homeowners?

The most effective home improvements combine aesthetics and practicality. There’s no better renovation for your Asheville home than replacing your old doors with energy-efficient ones.

Installing energy-efficient doorways in your home can provide you with several benefits. Do you still not believe us? Now, let’s explore the benefits of energy-efficient doors.

What are energy-efficient doors?

Energy-efficient doors are those that leak less air and have less heat than other doors. Energy-efficient doors have durable exteriors and insulating interiors. They are also fitted with weatherstripping, which prevents heated or cooled air from escaping. The materials used to construct energy-efficient doors include:

  • Fiberglass has the highest energy efficiency because it is a poor heat conductor.
  • Aluminum is durable and energy-efficient. However, it still conducts heat more efficiently than fiberglass.
  • Wood has a beautiful texture and look that is loved by Asheville homeowners. Wood is not a good insulator. It absorbs and transmits more heat than other materials.

The energy efficiency of sliding glass patio doors and Storm Doors is also possible. These doors are energy-efficient and trap heat with their coated glass panes, which have an insulating layer between them.

If a door has ENERGY STAR Certification, it is likely to be energy efficient. All ENERGY STAR front doors come with a “u factor,” which measures how well a material or door insulates a home. The “u-factor” of different glass options will vary, so remember that the lower the number is, the better!

What type of door is the most energy-efficient?

What are the benefits of replacing an old entry door with a more energy-efficient alternative? Choose a glass door that has polyurethane as insulation to maximize your savings. The material polyurethane (or “PUR”) is a plastic with a low coefficient of heat transfer. It is lightweight, easy to attach to a front door, and very durable. Installing one of these front doors in your home will protect it in more than one way!

The Fiber-Classic Doors from Thermatru are excellent examples of doors that look great and boost energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient doors: 7 benefits

Are you still not convinced that energy-efficient doors are the best upgrade for your Asheville house? After you’ve considered these seven benefits, there will be no other type of door you want.

Save on your utility bills.

You might wince every time you receive mail from your utility provider during the summer or winter. You can save hundreds of dollars on your annual utility bills by installing an energy-efficient front door.

This money goes directly into your account. You could also look at it differently: pay the cost of an energy-efficient front door, and the upgrade would eventually pay for itself. It’s better to spend a dollar than save one. Consider installing an energy-efficient door to save money on your utility bills.

Tax credits on ENERGY STAR Doors

Special tax credits can help you save more money. You may be eligible for the Energy Star Exterior Doors Tax credit if you install a door that is energy efficient between now and December 31st, 2032.

You could be entitled to the following benefits if your door is certified by ENERGY-STAR:

  • You can get up to 30% off the total project cost
  • $500 total or $250 per door

Yes, you read it right. The government will pay for energy-efficient door installation in your home if you qualify for the correct tax credit. What’s not like about this?

Improve your home comfort by installing an energy-efficient front door.

A drafty or sagging door is not a good way to enter your home. You’ll be more comfortable at home with an energy-efficient, insulated door.

You will no longer shiver at your front door in the winter or lament the fact that cool air is escaping through the door gap in the summer. Similar to energy-efficient windows, energy-efficient doors regulate and stabilize the temperature in your Asheville home.


It’s not only bad for you, but also for the environment to waste energy. Energy-efficient doors will reduce your energy consumption, which is a minor but still significant benefit. You can do your part to protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. If everyone followed the same advice, we could collectively have a big impact.


Seals and insulation materials are used in energy-efficient door designs to provide an additional benefit. They don’t only block heat. They also block noise.

The right energy-efficient doors can protect your home against ambient noise from outside, such as:

  • Traffic
  • Dogs and Other Animals
  • The neighbor who is far too young to mow the lawn on a weekend morning at 6 am

The noise insulation can be a great benefit to Asheville residents, especially those who live on busy streets. For even better results and protection from North Carolina’s summer thunderstorms, add an insulating Storm Door.

Reduced door maintenance

It can be not easy to keep your wood doors clean and shiny, especially when they are made from solid wood. Many high-quality fiberglass doors are not like that.

It’s easier than you might think to keep your fiberglass doors in pristine condition. You can mix dish soap and water with a little water to clean your fiberglass doors. No need to worry about insect damage, rot, or warping.

Many of the most energy-efficient fiberglass doors come in wood grain finishes. You can have your cake and eat too with these doors. These doors offer all the advantages of energy-efficient building but still retain the appearance and feel of wood. See for yourself by checking out Waudena’s Timbergrain Collection textured fiberglass doors.

Property Values Increase

Remember that every energy-efficient front door you install will add to the value of your home. If you decide to sell your Asheville home, you can command a higher price from potential buyers if you make energy-efficient upgrades. The cash you save can be used to pay for a better house in the future.

One of the benefits listed above may be enough to convince a homeowner to replace their old door with a more energy-efficient one. With seven benefits to consider, there is no reason not to look into eco-friendly doors right away.

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